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Voltage Regulator


The KRYKARD Static Voltage Regulator in our esun energy provides immediate voltage correction and power to a new generation of equipment that are sensitive to even minute voltage swings.

The KRYKARD Static Voltage Regulator (SVR) is an IGBT-based voltage regulator that is controlled by a DSP and uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to offer precise and quick voltage correction.

1 Phase Stabilisers

  • ICU/Operation room equipment, pathology labs, and medical diagnostics.
  • Centrifuge, chromatograph, and hardness testing tools for analysis
    Home entertainment: LCD/LED TVs, home theatre systems.
  • Industry: CMM, machine control panels, access control systems, deep freezers, mini offset printing, etc.

3 Phase Stabilisers

  • CNC machines, EDM machines, special purpose machines (SPMs), etc. in the automotive industry.
  • Textile: Autoconers, draw frames, carding, and spinning machines,
  • machineries for textiles, clothes, and embroidery.
  • FFS (Pouch packing), bottling lines, deep freezers, cold rooms, and other food processing equipment.

Characteristics of KRYKARD

KRYKARD Characteristics

  • Direct AC-AC conversion increases reliability and efficiency.
  • Correction in real time at 20,000 V/Sec speed
  • robust and trustworthy IGBT power module
  • Automated bypass in the event of a problem
  • Silent operation
  • The output waveform is not distorted.
  • +/- 1% output control
  • PWM control using a 20kHz DSP for quick cycle-by-cycle output adjustment
  • Displaying all performance parameters on an LCD

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